name: coco
year: 1993
project: garbage can
author: Plácido Afonso
client: Concurso Jovem Designer'93 / ICEP - Investimentos, Comércio e Turismo de Portugal
material: stainless steel and fibreglass
dimensions: 420x300x900mm
Under a cherry-tree, everything is served, decorated with flowers.In "O Gosto Solitário do Orvalho". This is a poem from Matsuo Bashô. Haiku (...) complies with a three verses structure (5, 7, 5 syllables) (...) and from the point of vue purely rethorical, is divided into two separate parts by a key-word: Kireji. One gives the general condition and the ubiquity of time and space of the poem (spring, tree...); the other, explosive, must be composed by an active element. One is descriptive and almost enunciative; the other is unexpected. The poetic perception arises from the collision of both.