name: glamour
year: 1995
project: carving set
author: Plácido Afonso
client: ICEL - Ind. Cut. da Estremadura, Lda.
material: stainless steel, laminated wood
It all start with a simple chopper, a beautiful one. Knifes came later on, seven each. One with its own utility. To conclude there was the carvingset. That's all. A set of ten pieces sold all together, essential to a refined kitchen. The blade is Sharp-edged. Nothing was left undone. The handle is laminated. It's very soft to touch and very attractive to look to. The profile of this prestige set is drawn. (...) In all the selected (...). Be attentive! It's a very serious case.

CORDEIRO, Cristina, “O que há de novo?”, In: Visão, Lisboa, Maio 1995, p.100